Case Studies

Case of K.R.

Ms. R. was permanently barred by the US Embassy in New Delhi, India for committing a material misrepresentation. She was forced to sign a Voluntary Statement dictated to her by an abusive consular officer and that declaration was used as the basis of the bar. She then contacted us, and we were able to intervene and have the decision overturned.

Case of S.S.

Mrs. S., an Indian national, has worked in California on an H-1B visa for many years. Her husband, who was in H-4 status, returned to India and applied to renew his H-4 visa at the consulate in Chennai. His application was denied under 221(g), and remained pending for more than 7 months. Mrs. S. then retained us, and within a couple of weeks, Mr. S. received his visa and was reunited with his wife in the US.