Case Studies

Case of A.S.

Mr. S was a famous physicist in his home country, and his EB-11 petition for extraordinary ability was approved. However, because of the nature of his work, his application for adjustment of status was deemed sensitive by the US government and no action was taken on it for four years. After we filed a lawsuit for a writ of mandamus in a federal district court, the US Attorney’s office, which was responsible for defending the lawsuit, contacted USCIS. Within two weeks, USCIS approved the application for adjustment of status.

Case of M.O.

We helped an applicant obtain an immigrant waiver after falling victim to an incompetent lawyer. She was advised that a departure from the US would not trigger the 10 year bar, but in fact it did. We represented her in her I-601 application to the USCIS, and after its approval, she and her baby were able to join her husband in the US.

Case of V.K.

We represented Mr. K in his claim to US citizenship. Mr. K was born in the US to a Ministry of Foreign Trade official of his home country’s government. Because his father was not on the “blue list” we were able to establish his American citizenship after obtaining a certified copy of his American birth certificate.

Case of G.P.

A consular officer mistakenly believed that an applicant had spent eight months in the United States, and denied the applicant under 214(b) for residing in the US. In fact, the applicant had only spent four months in the US and after we presented evidence confirming this, she was issued a visa.

Case of I.O.

A former intelligence official was subject to additional administrative processing under 221(g) whenever he applied for a visa. But instead of the processing taking less time as the years passed since the time he worked, the processing took longer. On his behalf, we made inquiries to clarify the reason for the prolonged delay. Within one week, he was issued a new visa.

Case of L.L.

We assisted a first-time applicant receive a B-2 visa to attend the wedding of her nephew in the US, notwithstanding her lack of international travel, her lack of family ties, and the fact that she lived in a poor, rural area of her home country.

Case of S.A.

After a consular officer accused an applicant of entering into a sham marriage and permanently barring him, we gathered substantial evidence proving the legitimacy of the marriage. After reviewing the evidence, the consulate reversed its decision.

Case of M.D.

We helped an applicant obtain an immigrant waiver to join her husband in the United States after she had been found to commit a material misrepresentation.

Case of E.S.

We successfully had a finding of fraud overturned in an application in which the applicant’s agent submitted a fake diploma to the embassy without her knowledge. We visited the archives of the university from which the applicant graduated and obtained documentation confirming her completion of the coursework twenty years ago. After reviewing the firsthand documentation we presented, the consulate rescinded its finding.

Case of M.P.

We helped a student overcome four previous denials and obtain a student visa.